Sunday, January 1, 2012

Muppet Love

The electric throw is crimson red silky fake fur; the warmth is deep, healing--imagine being held lovingly by a Muppet.


  1. Just as long as the Muppet is not Miss Piggy whose delicate whisper in my ear becomes a gnarled, over-vociferated declaration of ....

  2. (shh, don't tell Amy) This is a little creepy. The red fuzzy electric blanket, not so creepy! Puppets and clowns scare me. xox

  3. I <3 Kermie... but then I'm a fan of all things froggy.

  4. Lis, honey? Telling me that Muppets creep you out leaves me with the same perplexed, "how are we friends" feeling you had when I told you I really can't stand David Bowie. But I love you still. ;-)

    Alfred, I was thinking more of one of the more furry, less violent, more innocent Muppets--say, Grover or Snuffleupagus.

    And Jules--I too am a *huge* fan of Kermit! (Except when he's with Piggy--she just brings out the worst in him...)

    And Starrington, well, we've already established our kindred spirity-ness. ;-)

  5. I'm afraid both the fur and the warmth might be too much - but the color - my favorite! (And the idea of a muppet hug appeals to me.)