Tuesday, July 22, 2014

• are we done here? •

It it time to tweet the blog fantastic? To put an end to halfassedmama? I am addicted to the catch-and-release of Facebook. But how best to preserve my thoughts and memories, without returning to journalling? On the pro side of online personal essaying, there is brevity. When you aren't curled in private pen & paper, you don't tend to dwell. Catch and release. xox

Sunday, July 6, 2014


What I've been up to for the past year.

Busy, beautiful, bothered--these are all choices. I am working on not complaining in all areas of my life (and I'm certainly not complaining right now, as I take full advantage of my maternity leave), but it is so tempting to use the get-out-of-jail-free card that is "baby." Fact is, I've been an absentee blog-mama for longer than my pregnancy. My negligence predates our move last summer into co-housing, and even my acceptance of a full time position at That Grocery Store. But! I'm prepared to shake the 2012 cobwebs out of these knuckles, and tackle the "long form" of blog-postery again. Too long have I indulged in an abridged literary existence, aided and abetted by FB. (Fortunately for our correspondence, Amy also succumbed.)

I've learned a few blog-worthy things over the past few days, so here I go back up on the horse:
  • 64 pigs-in-blankets is the right amount to serve a party of 11 (if one is a nursing infant).
  • It is possible to bloody one's own finger when biting into the first BLT of the season. (And for some reason this is surprising enough to note in a blog post.)
  • Our baby is 10 weeks.
  • Our cat, Jack, is 10, and Penn will soon be a seven-year-old boy.
  • I like numbers in blog posts. I might just like numbers, period. Admitting this is evolution.
  • "Talking a blue streak" refers to profanity, not pontification. So I'm not talking one.
Troy has been clamoring for more Tot Blog postage, and he has been such a delightful partner I must oblige. I've been collecting entries, just not posting them. As for the latest addition to our family, I figure we have at least another 18 months before a Baby Blog becomes necessary. Hope I didn't just jinx his speech skills...