Tuesday, July 22, 2014

• are we done here? •

It it time to tweet the blog fantastic? To put an end to halfassedmama? I am addicted to the catch-and-release of Facebook. But how best to preserve my thoughts and memories, without returning to journalling? On the pro side of online personal essaying, there is brevity. When you aren't curled in private pen & paper, you don't tend to dwell. Catch and release. xox


  1. I'm definitely not done. Just dormant. :-(

  2. And that was absolutely NOT a call to (bl)arms, Ame... :)

  3. Let's also talk about the cons of brick & mortar writing: my bones. The penmanship ain't what it used to be. I long for the supple wrist movement of eighth and ninth grade, for that ability to gush onto pages of puffy-covered notebooks.

    1. And by "long for" I mean "can in no way be bothered to resurrect."

  4. Very funny long for definition!

    And, Lis, 1) tot blog is making me see how it would be with the physical stuff of pregnancy and the open commentary of a grad schooler... I had not imagined. 2) are you going to bring the baby & all to Hoes Down perchance? 3) the writing group is now a mini 4 person group With No One in It from The CNF we shared. I am not sure of it's long term prospects, but you'd always be more than welcome to join. sometimes it meets in woodland. also, maybe you want to take a class in November with kate asche. Gretel is. I might. I only say this writing stuff because of you above mentioned longing. Otherwise I'm not asking you to write anything anymore cause I know your full. Hi Amy!

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