Friday, January 6, 2012


My child is four. He's been stealing the new rolls of toilet paper from our bathroom and stashing them in his bedroom. Yesterday, we happened (together) upon a slightly opened and licked candy cane in his room. "Oh. I accidentally opened this, Mom." The other week, I found wadded up teabags, their little sacks torn open, and some of them still damp and minty. Inside a paper suitcase. I have no idea how long they were there, or how long they'd have remained, had I not chanced upon a free moment without him.

I think of my dumpster-ogling, craigslist-scouring, freecyclin' ways. "The free corner" is a place I regularly visit with my child. He gets excited about visiting the "free box" at our community center. I might have created a situation for myself. xox


  1. Well, they do tend to be like little sponges. Here's a funny thing: when my husband was a little boy, he used to twirl his hair and suck his thumb. Now our Grandson, little Caden, does the same. My husband still twirls his hair (but thankfully has given up the thumb). I have photos of the two of them sitting side by side twirling, both content, with Caden sucking his thumb!

  2. Oh, my. Wadded up *teabags* in a paper suitcase? Half-Assed Auntie is a leetle bit scared.

  3. Please ask your little person to step away from the used food. Thank you.
    A's M.

  4. Your son and my son must meet-- they could conspire in their hoarding ways and say the cutest darned things that ever were blogged about.

    In fact- My son just leaned over my shoulder and said, to the picture above, "Hey! That was ME!"

    Perhaps I will share some hoarding pics of our own in the next few days. :)

    This post makes me smile- thanks for sharing!

  5. Heh. I don't hoard tea bags (not used ones, anyway), but I confess that a week ago I nabbed a side table from the alleyway simply because it looked to be in good shape. Now that I've got it in my apartment, I realize I've already nabbed all the curbside furniture I need... but am loath to return my latest find to the alley. These habit are a force.

  6. The Peanut has a stash of "important things" that she says, "Momma, we can use this for a project" Luckily, none of it is food. I have to go through it every few weeks to keep the pile from taking over.