Friday, September 30, 2011

Our First Blog-O-Versary

Lis and Amy zest lemons. Why yes, I did put a texture on this snapshot.
It's my trick of the moment, why do you ask? (The texture in question is
by Kim Klassen, from the Past Favs collection.)

Happy blog-o-versary to us! Well, the actual day was this past Wednesday--our little blog turned one year old. I meant to write something on Wednesday, after Lis reminded me what day it was. But that didn't quite work out as planned.

(You do remember which blog you're reading, right?)

I believe the traditional celebratory gesture would be for us to host a giveaway, yes? And I'm totally game for that, because I really quite like sending people gifties in the mail, whenever I get my act together to do it

So with that in mind, I'm officially offering a small blog-oversary care package to one lovely reader, who will be chosen at random. I have no idea what it will contain! It'll be a surprise even to me!
I'll drag my co-blogger into the project too! (Did you hear that, Lis?) You see how easily I spin this half-assed thing into a fun feature? We're not pathetic, we're spontaneous, and whimsical.

So if you're reading, leave us a comment if you'd like me to count you in, okay? Just tell us a little about who you are, or anything else that strikes your fancy--or just say hi. A comment is the perfect birthday gift for the blog that has everything.

(Actually, a comment is the perfect way to build community and make new friends! Can I encourage all of you to talk to us more often? No worries if commenting isn't your speed--the half-assed aren't into pressuring people about things like that--but really, it's so great to get to know who you are out there. It's one of the nicest things about this blogging business.)

I'll find one of those random number generator thingies online to choose the comment number of the winner--I'm not making those up in my head, right? They do exist? Well, if they don't, I'll just stick scraps of paper with your names on them into a hat and ask Penn to choose. In fact...that actually seems more appropriate. I'm going with that method.

Let's say you should feel free to comment on this post...well, whenever you like, really, but let's say I'll count all the folks who comment from now through Monday evening, and then I'll announce the soon after that as I can pin down Lis's lovely child and ask him to choose a paper scrap. I'm thinking maybe...Wednesday? Yes, let's say Wednesday. 'Kay?


  1. Happy birthday, little blog! :) Love the photo! :)

  2. Happy birthday, half-assed blog!
    Love how you embrace your half-assedness and turn it into an asset. A skill, for sure.

  3. happy day! I'm so glad to have found you guys... it' hard to believe your blog is only a year old. You two are wise beyond your years, imho. I hope you will continue to write, share, and inspire the rest of us to chill the frack out already for many years to come.
    peas and carrots,

  4. I saw Anna's comment and had to wish you a "happy" and also peas and kite. Not TOO much kite but LOTS of peas.

    And now, I shall no longer appear as "creepy anonymous reader" but the proud mother of half the half-assed. And in keeping with the spirit of tweeting/texting short-spell, I am ---
    A'sM. (for Amy's Mom)

    I also understand that I cannot be part of Penn's selection.

  5. Happy first blog anniversary! I know how exciting that first anniversary is - my "first" is next week so I really do empathise!

    By the way, like the textured photo. Those layers really do open up a whole new world!

    PS - no need to count me in for the give-away. Shared excitement prompted the comment!

  6. Happy happy :) I've been very out of the loop lately (sunshine + beach = me not in the house), but yay for your anniversary! Love the new header too. x