Friday, September 23, 2011

•if it's from the curb, is it ok?•

It's true, I loathe dyed confections. But sometimes things come into my life, and I have a hard time batting them away. (Penn loves the word "dumpster," and I am sort of proud.) Plus. A little neon dino-sprinkle goes a loooooong way.

Happy Friday, everyone! Share a link to your moment in the comments? And pour a little out for Amanda Blake Soule, who came up with the share-a-photo-every-friday idea. xox


  1. I love you. I'm laughing at you. And that looks like really good chocolate icing. (And who's that long kid with no baby tummy?)

  2. Are we to understand that those yummy looking cupcakes are topped with
    DUMPSTER dino-sprinkles? Just askin'.

    (Not judgin' --- but is that possible? Seriously).

  3. Jules made the frosting! A dumpster made the sprinkles. Judger. :)