Monday, September 19, 2011

Open the Door

You want to know a fantastic antidote to oncoming depression, whatever its source?

Reach out and tell someone how much you love them, the work they do, who they are, what you see in them. Do it because it's true. Do it because they should know. Do it because the moment you do, a door will open up, and you'll see outside of yourself--that place that seems so dark right now. There's incredible beauty and light out there, and when you open that door, the light will never fail to lift your heart and spill in through the opening to get all over you.


  1. Mawrters are good antidotes... And I happen to know one who would genuinely looove to see you.

  2. Mawrters, are in fact, one of my favorite antidotes of all time, ever. And this one would genuinely looove to see you just as much. Sending you a message right now! xo

  3. Amy, this is so powerful.
    I will share!
    I admire your Penwomanship!