Sunday, September 11, 2011

Night Lights

Part of the point of Vivienne's latest class is for us to play with post-processing options. Part of the point for me personally is 1) to try actually using the manual settings on my camera (revolutionary, no?), and 2) to push myself to do some things that go beyond...realistic self portraits? Maybe that's a good way to describe what I'm after? Something that tells more of a composed story? I'm not sure--maybe I should just call them photographic lyrical fragments. In any case, there's nothing like killing multiple birds with one stone. So to speak. (Really, what a horrible expression--isn't there a less vile way to say that?)

Also, I now have a whole lot of Mason jar lanterns in my possession, which can only be to the good.

(As always, you can click on these to enlarge them.)


  1. Oh there are some really evocative images there. I really love the first one, and the 2nd, oh yes, the 3rd one too. . .

  2. whoa. speechless. #5! Oh, the looking at the little lights and the pausing, and the play... these are so beautiful and cool. Are there more? There must be more! xox

  3. gorgeous x infinity!!
    soooooooooooo wish you were in town to see sarah's show, it would resonate for you!!
    amazing work, my beautiful friend.
    also, on the phrase, the Quaker alternative is, "feed two birds with one crumb." you can imagine how i might respond to this phrase :)

  4. Oh my god these are amazing Amy! That second one is my favourite. It makes me want to call it 'The Lightbearer'.

  5. Oooohhhhhhh! I love, I love! Especially number three.... gee... Amy... these are wonderful. They're, like.... cinematic, if you know what I mean. Like these little moments out of a much larger story... they make me so curious and dreamy about what might be happening... it seems like you might be collecting the light in jars, like berries... foraging for light... yeah. I love it!