Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gratitude and Love

What do gratitude and love look like?

Sometimes, they don't look like bouncy, sunny, happy things particularly. Sometimes, they just look like the absence of fear, or shame, or judgment. (But there's nothing "just" about that, is there?) Sometimes, they just look like you, understanding that who you are in the world and the choices you make are both okay. More than okay, maybe. Even when you and your choices are difficult, messy, painful.

cherry blossoms


  1. Good shot of a blossom--looks exactly like our ornamental plum. Good assessment of us being ok. It's true. We're ok. A train wreck is still a train wreck, and in its train-wreckedness, it is still somehow... ok. I'm thinking here of Barb's recent comment, about Change. So hard. So ever-present. xox