Thursday, March 17, 2011

•corned beef and caterpillars•

Lavender "lemolade," with seasonal garnish.

The photos I wish I had from this week include:

20 pounds of dripping-red brisket, and me, hunched over and gently lowering those giant Jabba tongues into the bazillion-gallon steel pot that currently holds the brine, beef, and promise of tonight's American/Irish dinner.

Last night's cognac sidecar with pomegranate seeds (and orange juice, lemon juice, Cointreau, and a measure of ginger/galangal/tumeric simple syrup).

Our first flight on a UFO: Penn & I discovered the half-buried spaceship in Arroyo Park yesterday, and he piloted to the moon. Then we got out, so we could fix something. Because that is what astronauts do.



  1. You know, you HAVE a girl with a camera who's more than willing to follow you around all day long, documenting your life. I'm just saying. ;-)(Wait, didn't we have a whole project on that theme in mind at one point...?)

    On the other hand, that "lemolade" picture up there is kind of spectacular enough to make up for a lot of missing pictures.

  2. Mmmmm, So are you curing meat ?
    I forgot to brine my brisket so I'm going to think of this as St. Patrick's Season.
    Also, that syrup sounds so good, do you just boil it al together?

  3. Mmm, yes! Sigrid, let us declare it brisket-n-beef season! Syrup:
    boil one cup sugar with one cup water. Grate in: some ginger, some galangal, some tumeric root. Once the syrup is the consistency you like, turn off the heat and steep. Or just cool and strain. As per your own tastebuds! Maybe add more ginger/galangal when cool, for bite. xox

  4. P.S. I used this recipe, and it came out just beautiful after a three-day-brine. Also, made the horseradish sauce that the story mentioned, just on a lark-- it was sopped up! Devoured! Loved! I recommend making a triple batch. The vegetarians were even eating it on their tofu option. :)