Saturday, January 15, 2011


There is absolutely nothing noteworthy about a cold. Small sicknesses come and go, with fevers and chills and barking coughs--that's life. This week, the kid has been sick (no taking him to preschool), and now I am coughing and sputtering and loathe to leave the bed. Eh. So be it.

However. For next time, I'm making one small vow: I will designate a box of handkerchiefs. Separate, that is, from our dinner napkins. Transitioning a three year old from tissues to hankies is a piece of cake; teaching him which bright squares are not for the nose, not so much. xox


  1. My Grandchildren think that's what sleeves are for. Hope you feel better soon. I imagine with a little one there is no rest.

  2. Oh you poor thing! Rug up and look after yourself x

  3. Thanks, you two. *cheers*
    Rugging up as I type. (That expression is a keeper!) xox