Saturday, January 29, 2011


Eucalyptus Buttons

Even now, the scent of eucalyptus is romantic, dreamlike. Sharp. Clean. It is to the scent of a conifer or mint as cardamom is to cinnamon, as a quince is to a pear--like, and yet unlike; an exotic, sophisticated cousin. It's the scent of fog rolling through Golden Gate Park, of the twists and turns of the Pacific Coast Highway, of sunset on a cliff over Point Reyes or out over the Bay from the Berkeley hills. The scent of beauty so great that even now, after eleven years of knowing it, I can't take it for granted.


  1. Oh, yes, I know this wonderful penetrating scent. We come every spring to N CA to get out of the snow. I breathe in the eucalyptus-scented air deeply (also the wonderful cedar). I love the "buttons" pictured.

  2. They kinda look like cookies. xox