Wednesday, January 5, 2011

•of use•

Spent the morning giving advice to a young songwriter. Reminiscing, really, over cappuccino. Like a washed-up rocker. "How'd you do it?" She clutched her espresso. Giving advice makes me cringe, but it's tradition. Ritual. It's how I got here. Someone told me I could.

It's good to feel useful. Even if I am rusty. And the tide is coming in. Fast. xox

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  1. So nice--simple and evocative. Also, so kind and *you*. And interestingly, you're developing some sort of theme (in your writing? in your life?), because this feels related to the piece about the 12-year-old and the blue guitar. Generosity of spirit, creative community, creative development, and the way they all play off one another. You know how I love *those* themes. ;-)