Wednesday, June 15, 2011

•my maine point•

I kinda grew up here. I'm a vacationer, sure, but I have been for 33 years. It makes for some interesting emotions.

In the past 10 years or so, I've transitioned into a forager. From a folksinger to a mother to a grocery-store employee, sure, but really: from a citizen to a forager. It started with second-hand clothes. Then expanded into appliances, instruments, bread and vegetables. Then it was fruit. Now, it's shellfish. And I'm right back where I started, on the coast of New England.

Today was the first day of sun on our Maine vacation, and the toddler responded by puking all day (possibly because he caught a rotovirus from his cousin Ruby). I responded by picking up a couple of chicken lobsters at the local lunch n lobster--a place I'm shocked I didn't take advantage of until now. $5.99 a pound isn't bad for a half mile down the road.

Cooked the lobsters.

Cracked and ate them.

Popped their shells in with some chives, chipotles, and white wine. What amounts to 1.5 cups of liquid is now in the fridge, waiting for me to come home tomorrow with an adequate amount of cream and sherry. Cross your fingers. :)

Meanwhile, I'm experimenting with mussels. Are they actually good, foraged from the cove in which you sleep? Hmm... a blog post from a quick search recommended (!?) manky-smelling mussels, specifically from coves in Maine. And repeat rinses with salted fresh water. We shall see what happens. (Gotta love a guy who calls himself a "DB" (douchebag).)

The puking toddler sleeps.
The mussels, sans wine (because I drank it), are forthcoming. xox


  1. Mmmmm. Hope the toddler recovers soon !

  2. Oooh, you're blogging from Maine! How exotic! ;-) Miss you. And let's not forget the foraging of...13? 14? pairs of scissors.

    (Also, what the heck is a chicken lobster? Please to interpret for the non-New Englanders in the audience?)

    (ALSO also, I too hope the toddler recovers soon. :-( )

  3. poor pukey boy. and mom. thank goodness for wine. also, don't forget the foraged shed siding!

  4. Ha! Holly's comment about the shed siding cracked me up. Ooh! Ooh! AND! Don't forget the various foraged gifts from the Sofa Fairy. (Because the Sofa Fairy helps those who help foraging.) We should do a blog photo essay on the Sofa Fairy and the abundance with which she blesses Davis at the end of the summer. And Holly should *totally* join us.

  5. Hm. Red Tide is real. Be sure to check the Maine DMR PSP for Red Tide closures before eating any foraged shellfish, friends! (I did not get sick, but only because of timing and luck.)