Friday, June 10, 2011


Stuck in Arizona, and loving it a little. When they sleep, it is heaven, no matter where. xox


  1. If *I* were in an airport and saw it crashed out like that on the chairs, I would have a hard time not running up to it and squishing and smooching it. Gently and with love, of course. Yummy little guy. (Oh, and the jelly babies Toddlerblog is *cracking* me up. Methinks the toddler doth protest too much.)

  2. Thank you for calling my child by the it it is. :)

  3. 1)I fully expect that you know me well enough to know the precise adoring tone with which I call him "it."

    2)I also fully expect that you understand that I consider your child to be among the finest human beings I know, big or small.

    3)I wouldn't do it if you didn't occasionally do it too. ;-)

    4)My God, I love it so much it makes my half-assed auntie heart hurt a little!