Wednesday, June 8, 2011

•it's time•

Motherhood's awesome
because the most mundane shit
is suddenly art.

Sometimes, exactly
when you no longer have time,
it's finally time.

Sometimes, the thing you
dread most is the thing you need.
Just well-dressed in fear.


  1. Mmm. I love that last one especially. I just spent time looking through your posts and loving your photos. Thank you for the oasis.

  2. Yep, I'm with Johanna in loving that last bit especially. Indeed. xoxo

  3. For those inquiring minds, that's Mixmaster of Constructicons fame in the jar in the first photo. He forms the left leg of Devastator.

  4. Wow, T, it's like you're speaking another language...I just had to go look up "Mixmaster" and "Constructicons," and frankly, the information I found ( did almost nothing to dispel my confusion. (Would I understand better if I were an actual parent? Somehow, I doubt it. I'd still be me, after all.)