Sunday, April 17, 2011

•write of spring•

Orange blossom simple syrup. Kumquat jam with green almonds. A dark spray. (Frozen) blueberry pancakes, complete with accidental Millenium Falcon. Impromptu dinner for nine on the deck. Sparkling wine, bread. Hummus with last year's thyme and purple sage. Cream of greens soup with brie, vermouth, kohlrabi, and turnip. Pasta salad. Peeps. (Though we haven't managed these yet.) "Mommy! I want a squirrel pet! I want a shy squirrel pet." Your turn: how is your Spring shaping up?


  1. We have a squirrel friend that likes popcorn. His name is Grover. Grover does not like sharing popcorn with his squirrel friends.

  2. Saturday morning: crocuses in the snow.

  3. Oh, thank god. For snow-covered evidence *and* imaginary friends. xox