Wednesday, April 13, 2011

•rhino in the tea room•

Man. Sometimes a person needs to vent. But can't exactly front-and-center the venting on her cutesie blog. Grr! And arg! And a generous helping of boo-hiss. At least there's a precedent for this at Half-Assed...

Do tell, dear reader: what's stuck in your craw today? Feel free to post your unbloggables in the comments. Bury them here, if you must.

And now, an idyllic picture of the maple syrup my brother sent from Schenectady:

Art's neighbor made it, and it is delicious. Grade S for "Suburban"!



  1. I hopped back to the aforementioned "can't blog it" post, and (not exactly) to my surprise... that sprang from the same source of frustration. Someone is vying for the 2011 Asshat of the Year award! In fact, I think that someone may win by a landslide.

    I realize some people are incapable of controlling themselves. Like a rhino in a tea room. Smashing everything in sight, and wondering why people are recoiling. But when the rhino in question has a brain, it's so hard to understand! So hard. And even harder to forgive. (How do you forgive a cartoon baddie?) Oh-wait. That word. Right. Of course, that's what this is about: forgiveness.

    I think I need some intravenous Zen. xox

  2. I hate everything in the world.
    every little thing in the world.

  3. "Who cares? You have a thousand friends. Who cares? Let her do what she needs to do to feel good about herself. It doesn't hurt you at all."
    From my dear husband. *sigh*