Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Tired Place

Penn: Amy, I want you to come play with me.

Me (from my chair at the dining table): Well Penn, I'm a little tired, so I think I'm going to stay here right now.

Penn (taking my hand): Well, I think you should come to the other tired place, where it's cozy and warm. And soft.

(So we went to the big chair in the living room, and cuddled, and chatted, and listened to Mozart and Girlyman.)


  1. It was exactly so. Only cuter. xox

  2. I'm glad.

    P.S. What's Girlyman?

  3. 3.16.11 Pink is *very* my best favorite sounds very much like one of the "Charley and Lola" episodes we have as a book.... I love Lola - she reminds me of all toddlers. I miss Penn (and Amy and Lis)

  4. I think I must have about 50 "other tired places" (sigh).

  5. Awwww.

    Clearly we all need a Penn to remind us about soft tired places.