Wednesday, February 16, 2011

•i don't knit•

I also don't read. (Amy does both, though, so at least we've got the bases half-covered.) I have knit before, and I suppose it could be argued I read now, since I consume all of your blogs (yes, you!) with vigor and delight. But you know what I mean. I used to read, I used to knit, before

I'm on sabbatical. Hiatus. And there are plenty of other people out there, getting the knitting of the world done. What better time than now, for me to hang back and rest on my cat-hat laurels? (Note: the above brown cat-hat had to be renamed "bat hat," in order for a certain small person to wear it for these snap-shots. Alas, Batman has come into our lives.) xox

p.s. Lest you think I was ever truly industrious, these lovely scarves were created by Rae Gouirand. I only ever managed a few hats, back in my knitting hay day...


  1. Seriously, that one at the end? I could eat him up. Yummy boy.

    Also, re: Batman? Could be so much worse. You are currently free of Disney princesses (at least until K's birthday party...).

  2. oh my god, that made me laugh my ass off. can I swear here?

    pc version: omg, that made me lmao!

  3. Jules, can you curse here? You had to ask? So good to see you comment!xoxo

  4. I like the cat-bat hat!! If I start knitting now, I might just manage to make one by next winter, it takes me that long!

    I had to make my boy a balaclava to fit in with his soldier craze. The only pattern I could find was for people to knit for the troops. I pretended I was smart enough to adapt the pattern into 'boy-size', and ended up with a balaclava with a face opening only big enough for a cyclops with a small eye. Needless to say I've not been asked to make anything else!