Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Internet: Where You Just Might Bump Into Yourself Around Any Random Corner

So a while back, I edited this cookbook for the Davis Food Co-op, where both Lis and I worship work in various capacities. We did a leetle print run at Lulu.com, and the thing took forever to sell out, and I don't think anyone at the store is in a big ol' hurry to reorder more books. (Though I still really quite like the cookbook! As do all my mother's friends. So, you know, it must be good.)

Then, just now, I happened to Google myself to figure out something unrelated, and this here Amazon link came up. I mean, who knew Lulu books automatically wound up on Amazon? (Though...maybe they don't? Maybe our former marketing director had something to do with this?)

The best part is: My book is currently ranked the 6,528,445th best selling book on Amazon. You have to admit, that's not bad for a girl who didn't even know she had an Amazon sales ranking. (And the half-assedness just keeps on keeping on.)

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