Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Further Adventures of a Thrift-Shopping Auntie

The pair on the right is for Lovely Girl Toddler (different from Lovely Boy Toddler who lives here at this blog), and the pair on the left is for Lovely School-Age Girl Child--both children of close friends. Lovely School-Age Girl Child has been hankering for some boots. Last year, I made her this refashioned sweater dress...

...which means I've been hankering for boots for her as well. I'm pretty excited they come with flowers on them, and I'm pretty sure she'll approve.

The other pair is for Lovely Girl Toddler, who, conveniently, has something of a Thing for Shoes. Sadly, they won't fit her yet, but on the bright side, they're too big, and she's growing right into them by the hour. I made her a dress last year as well, and the pictures of it are just as lousy as the pictures of the sweater dress above:

Now that I've thought about it, I'm kind of flipping out at the idea of her wearing that little sundress with these boots. To give you a sense of the ridiculously adorable size of these things, here's one of them on my hand:

They need a good cleaning/polishing, but they're pretty much my ideal boots. Which is to say that if they were anywhere near my own size, Lovely Girl Toddler and I would have to duke it out for them.


  1. I love the sundress - and yes, it would look adorable with the boots. Where did you get the pattern?

    It looks easy enough for me to make. Possibly.

  2. Totally easy enough for you to make--no pattern necessary. I based it on the general idea of a pillowcase dress, and then of course felt the need to muck with that in various ways. But the body of it is, indeed, a pillowcase! Then a few fat quarters of coordinating fabric, a little time making bias tape (so much fun!), and a few seams. A few hours work, max. (I smell a donut and dressmaking get-together coming on...)

  3. Mmm... can smell the donuts from here... I'm not ashamed to invite myself! xox

  4. I think both of my girls are too big for pillow cases, but I love the idea.

    Speaking of easy sewing projects, I was thinking of buying holiday fabric online and sewing a variety of gift bags to use this year instead of wrapping paper.

    But, if I apply the half-assed mama philosophy, I could just at least buy the fabric and then if I don't have time to sew, just wrap the gifts in fabric. Still ahead of the game, eco-wise, and no nervous breakdowns while threading the sewing machine.

  5. Suzanne, first, *I* can wear something made from a pillowcase, so I'm fairly certain your girls can as well. Second, note the clever application of side panels of alternate fabric on that sundress? The side seams were opened/cut away, and I installed extra fabric in there. Viola--bigger than your average pillowcase!

    And oh yes, half-assed gift wrapping is a specialty of this household. Besides, once the fabric is used for gift wrapping, you have the option of reusing it for wrapping indefinitely, or actually making something out of it!

  6. Ooh, I have seen the tiny bootsies first hand. Ridiculous! The littlest ones have *zippers* that go all the way up... :) xox