Tuesday, September 4, 2012

•don't need no stinkin' spouse blog•

"I'm just trying to wash your face. So you don't get face-cancer." Quoth the husband at bedtime. He approached the feral child with a washcloth. [continued after jump so's not to detract from my co-blogger's amazing out-her-office-window photo]
A face got washed, but the child won the round (as he so often does).

I'd rather be blogging, but honestly the time (read: feral child) does not always allow. So why not Tweet? I have to get facile with Twitter for work anyway (and fast). Two birds? Thus, my first tweet of the fall was born, several minutes ago. Creekily. It was rustily thrust into the ether, inspired more than a little by a new coworker in Minneapolis. To tweet as Lis or tweet as Halfassedmama? Bit of a tough choice. I'm still enjoying distance from my olde career. But if I wanted to post in a vacuum, I'd put pen to paper. So! Tweeting once again as Lis Harvey. I very much enjoyed updating my url over there in Twittlandia--dog only knows why I'd set it to Myspace. Does that still exist? I don't have the stomach to check.

Twitter is delightful, when it works. I got a bit burnt on Levar Burton a few years back, and went radio twilent. But I still get @cookbook's tweets, which I forward to my boss instead of reading. If you tweet, won't you share your link below? I need to rekindle the fire. Also, all in favor of Amy tweeting from Philly as halfassedmama, say aye. xox

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