Friday, December 16, 2011


My next door neighbor stopped by my back door just before dusk. I opened the door and sat down on the threshold to visit. He lay down next to me, rolling over to make it easier for me to pet him. I scratched his chest and head and held his warm paw. When I'd get lost in thought and my fingers would stop working for too long, he'd forsake his blissed out snoozing and lick my hand politely--just once; a gentle doggy reminder to focus on the important task.

We sat like that for a long time, watching the wind in the pine tree and the willows, and the stars lighting up the deepening dark, and listening to flocks of geese trumpeting their way south.


  1. Just reading this took me to a better place at the end of a frenetic day. Thank you.

  2. Roy probably knows when he's needed --- and how convenient that he always seems able to make time in his schedule for you to give him a relaxing belly rub. Sounds like a good friend.

    P.S. Sweet picture.

  3. Ah... I have a willow too, but alas no furry friend. Enjoyed visiting with you...

  4. This sounds like one of the best moments in life. It reminded me to give my constant companion a big kiss.

  5. Your next-door neighbour is lovely. Do give hime a cuddle from me next time he calls round.