Sunday, November 6, 2011


I just bought a vacuum cleaner, and I'll say this for the carpeting in my new home--it certainly does hide the dog hair well.

And on the down side, it certainly does hide the dog hair well. Yikes.


  1. Ya think maybe some of this could be from two dogs who lived there in 1998?

    If not --- yuck!--- and in the (sort of) words of Charlotte, "That's some vacuum"!

    A's M.

  2. I sweep my house daily. (No Carpet.) And I have that much. Ha. Wow. Now I feel good. That's what I get for having four dogs.

    If we mailed our weekly hair to one another then after so many weeks we can build a life-size Wild Thing. OR we could just throw it away.

  3. Sadly, Mom, no such luck. It's all Annie and Tigger. Happily, they just had baths, so at least it's cleanish hair. As for the vacuum, I *know*! Not bad for a $45 Target purchase.

    J., I keep the stuff I *brush* off of them in the hopes of one day spinning and knitting it into something. (Yes, people actually do this. I'm not the only odd ball. I swear.) But I've never thought about holding onto the vacuumed hair. I have to admit, a Wild Thing dog hair exchange has its bizarre creative appeal. There's probably some sort of ritual for animating such a thing, no?

  4. Wow! Nothing half-assed about that vacuumed bag-o-hair, my friend. :) xox