Tuesday, November 15, 2011

•get on to the bus•

Soul Coughing, and red velvet, and peering out at the large world through large windows. Those words remind me of Pittsburgh. To your commute, on this Tuesday! xox


  1. From your mouth to god's ear --- it should be so clean on a Pittsburgh bus.

    A's M.

  2. Is it wrong that I kinda hate Pittsburgh for stealing you away every year at this time? xoxo

  3. Hey Lis,
    I like these photo-brieftext posts...

    And I'm replying HERE to your Facebook message (...so many internet portals...)

    It was so great to see you at your ingenious craft night, too. I really want to see the finished Advent Calendar... advent calendars with little pictures are among my fondest holiday traditions.

    AND the teeny tiny crafts on here are so fun, too.

    AND, re: the dentists Dr. Johnson & Dr. Jones, fyi, Dr. Jones specializes in treating children.

    AND, finally, Nico's attitude/demeanor has been on the upswing, but I'd love to schedule a sate with you sometime soon devoted to talking about toddler/preschooler behavior, with the hope of feeling reassured that it's all commonplace...

    Love, happy thankgiving back east,


  4. It looks the perfect amount of warm. :) I love it!

  5. How did that happen. :/ That's not the post I was on. Hmmm.