Thursday, November 18, 2010

•this is just a tribute•

(You gotta believe me.) Actually, this is a half-assed post, if ever there was one. My goal was to get Cranky McPumpkin off the cover of our blog.

My mother shipped this tiny book of terrible penmanship a couple months ago. It is an artifact from my third grade self. I hearted many. Of these, I am still in touch with Jeffrey, and hope he is out there laughing (since he is the proud papa of a little lady who is going to be loving ponies and writing about boys one day)... xox


  1. Hahaha...I also "hearted" Ryan, Jason, or JeffJ at one time or another. This is great. -Kate (Harrington) McAfee

  2. *beams* Thanks, Kate! Never mind that there is an actual song on iTunes devoted to something your little sister said in first grade... What is it about grade school, and emotional connections theretofore? xox

  3. I think my favorite part about this is that you chose to photograph it with the pink plastic horse. Priceless.

    (Also, we all realize that poor Ryan, Jason, and JeffJ are probably the boys who grew up to be total dorks, right? I just don't think you can be *that* popular in grade school without consequences in later life.)

  4. Ah, but you're still in touch with Jeffrey! So maybe he avoided my terrible curse, eh? Lucky man.