Monday, November 15, 2010


At the moment, nothing is working. I've been wanting to write something--anything!--here for a week, and nothing wants to get written. I've been trying to prepare jewelry for a sale I'm supposed to be having with a friend in, oh, two weeks, and nothing, apparently, wants to get made. Every new design I want to try (and one that's been limping along for some time now, refusing to happen properly) fails utterly. I could go into details, but they bore even me.

I'll just say that it seems mighty unfair when one isn't procrastinating, and still nothing creative happens. Cranky making. Almost as if one is supposed to be doing something else entirely--walking the dogs somewhere nice, say--and one is stubbornly failing to receive the message from the universe. Perhaps because one has one's metaphorical fingers in one's metaphorical ears, and is metaphorically sing-songing, "La la la...I can't hear you!"

Right now, I'm going to go put one small piece in the kiln to see what happens (a brazen waste of electricity, by the way). Maybe it'll work this time, and my day (week, month...year!) will be redeemed.

And if not, at least I'll have the satisfaction of smashing the glass cabochon out of it with a hammer in order to send the silver off to be recycled. Because smashing sounds smashing right about now.


  1. I think this is a reality of living the creative life. Sometimes it is more perspiration than inspiration. Bravo for keeping it at it, and fingers crossed one small piece worked (or if not, you had a lovely smash).

  2. Very true. Sadly, there's no getting around the cranky of it some days. On the up side, the one small piece did, indeed, work! This is actually huge, but I don't want to jinx it--we'll see if it's a repeatable success, or merely a bit of luck on a cranky day. Will report back (with pictures if it all works...)