Thursday, September 30, 2010

•a post a day keeps the devil away•

Today is the day I pull out the big orange box from storage. Mwaah-ha-ha! It's time to Dec-o-ween, or else the 31st will be breathing down my neck before I know it. Am I the only one who has holiday-decoration anxiety? Probably. I had regular, year-round nightmares--well into adult-hood--that it was trick-or-treat night and I didn't have a costume. Somehow, I hadn't gotten the memo... time was running out... bowls of candy were being emptied! Porch lights were going dark! Stressful. And, thankfully, only a dream. As if I ever missed a trick-or-treat night in my life. This year, the real hurdles are getting in enough Halloweenery* between harvest festival camping, a trip to cuddle my New York nephews, and concerted efforts toward a home-made "robot kitty" costume, ordered by one Penn Atticus, aged three. It's ON! Big orange box, here I come.

*Halloweenery: gingerbread cookies shaped like bats and cats, corn maze spelunking, pumpkin carving and eating and seed-roasting and beer-toasting, something involving tiny candy-cornish pumpkins, and watching Witches of Eastwick and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Singing "this is Hall-o-ween, this is Hall-o-ween..." reallyreallyfast until my husband joins in and we are prancing around the house.


  1. Let the Haloweenery begin!

    And may I add Beetlejuice?

    Excellent blog, ladies!

  2. I'll raise you a Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Here here. xox