Wednesday, August 17, 2011

•the best parents•

Once upon a time, there was a Mommy and a Daddy who wanted to talk. The problem was, anytime they talked, their swarthy little toddler had something, also, to say. So the Mommy and the Daddy thought long and hard. They sought far and wide the answer. One night, while dining with friends, it came to them: sometimes, the best parents aren't parents at all. The next day, they arranged for friends to take the scurvy child. The Mommy and Daddy fled, and talked! Meanwhile, the adult friends took the the deck-swabbing toddler. Without so much as a furrowed brow, they concocted a First Rate Pirate Adventure, including the actual commandeering of a ship, the jumping of a plank, a swimming expedition with first mates, and a hunt for actual treasure. In a few short hours (and with the help of cardboard, marker and aluminum foil), they opened the toddler's eyes to a world of scarves and piracy. When his parents returned, they found a happy boy. But ever thereafter, they could not dissuade him from wearing a hearty's mustache. And a skele-tattoo, at all times. Even to the Co-op. xox


  1. That household is the BEST. MD tells me they only concocted the whole pirate scheme like, an hour before P arrived. Amazing. They are the least half-assed among us. (Also, where better to wear your skele-tattoo than to the Co-op to see Aunt Julie and the rest of your adoring fans?)

  2. Wow, that is an impressive adventure! And that photo of Penn is, to me, truly incredible... how can a little one be so simultaneously vulnerable, handsome, adorable, & brimming with bravado? I wish I was a little less half-assed so I could suggest some possible times for our whine/wine... Everything seems for fluxy, but hopefully soon!