Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Rain

I've landed in a city of cool grey rain. Walking down unfamiliar streets, I can shrug into myself, anxiously trying to avoid getting wet, or I can relax into the weather, turn my face upward to a blanket of cloud. I choose the latter, and the raindrops hit me in greeting, gently finding their way through the loose weave of my sweater to sit comfortably on my skin.


  1. Make the droplets our masthead! :) (Doggles are fine, and I am back. Uneaten by bears.) xox

  2. Thank God! Please don't go getting eaten by bears, 'kay? (I'll take the droplets suggestion under advisement...I do like the idea of dumping the obvious Davis-y summer masthead in favor of something cooler and gentler. Because of course I do. But I also love the tomato. Because of course I do.)