Tuesday, May 17, 2011

•dream post•

I dreamt Amy put a post up, in this very spot. She wrote about a long walk, with green photos and jaunty prose. Vintage Amy. Oh where, oh where is my better Half? Dear Readers: do not forsake us. We'll get our mojo back. It's been hailing and frigid here in Davis, and tender shoots have been under attack. In so many ways.

The toddler is going through a grueling growth spurt. It is the only explanation for the kicking, pinching, biting, pulling of my hair, mewling, and simultaneous refusal to leave our sides. My back hurts! Massage my feet! My tooth is loose! It hurts! Massage my hand! I have a bug! I want some MILK! Cut your eye off with a sharp knife! It's a constant stream of vitriol, from the moment he growls awake to the second he passes out. Then Troy and I wiggle in beside him, and marvel at his wonderful stillness. Nights are welcome around here. Sleep is holding this family together. xox


  1. Oh my poor honey! And oh, those beautiful, growing, vicious toddlers. :-{ Such a sad little post--I'm sorry for my long silence. At the moment, that cough I've been nursing along has come to full fruition as...pneumonia? Not sure; I'm assuming. But in any event, it's *something* my doctor declared un-good and stuck me on azythromycin for. Back soon. Promise.

  2. Ah, how could we abandon you? Sending you love and sympathy. - And the thought that although my youngest darling is 10, there are some days when I can't wait for that joyous moment when sleep claims him, the horns retract, and he seems angelic. And then I curl with guilt at not being a better, more patient mama! Sigh...