Sunday, December 12, 2010

We're Still Here, and Gratuitous Jewelry Pictures

Yeah, so we're actually still here. Just in case anyone is reading out there--or trying to. There was travel (for some of us), and Thanksgiving, and more travel (for some of us). And then I basically got eaten by my own preparations for the yearly pre-holiday sale I do with a friend.

I make jewelry from silver clay, bronze clay, and a variety of other materials that inspire me. And yesterday, at this year's sale, I was actually able to get some pretty decent pictures of my things, which was lovely. Next step? Actually placing things into the empty, lonely etsy shop I created several years ago. (For the sad tale of why my shop is still empty and lonely, read here--but watch this etsy space, because with a camera this cooperative, there's no reason to leave the tumbleweeds in place any longer.)

And without further ado, and because I'm too tired and behind on other work to write anything more engaging, here are the gratuitous jewelry pictures. Enjoy.
(I'm also too tired to add commentary to the pictures, but if you have questions, do ask! I'm happy to answer them after more sleep.)


  1. (gasp) The camera is soo cooperative! I could reach out and touch these jewels, Aim! I love the little night skies and twiggy bits. Gosh. I love them. xox

  2. OK. No kidding. Must make purchase AT ONCE. Extreme covetousness has struck!
    -- giulia

  3. Wow! They look stunning against the linen and the beautiful bowls. Twig goodness abounds. Love!

  4. Nice work ! I love the twigginess. I know what you mean about the frustration of trying to find the right tool to photograph your work--looks like you nailed it.

  5. Lovely, lovely jewelry! I will be back to keep checking out your designs.