Friday, January 28, 2011

•swore I'd never•

The list is long. Before having a baby, I had ideas of absolute grandeur. No store-bought wipes. Nothing conventional. And, when the time came for sandwiches, crusts would never, ever be removed.

Behold, the Millennium Falcon sandwich-cutter. A Christmas gift.

Also featured in today's episode of What Kind Of Mother Am I? A mayonnaise sandwich. Requested by the three year old for his lunch, and, in my weakened, uncaffeinated state, agreed to--with crusts removed, a la spaceship.

Not *all* of my why evers have been replaced with why nots, but some mornings it feels that way.

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  1. It doesn't get better with age (ours - not the children's). My Grands are visiting and little Jack is home sick with me. He couldn't eat his b-fast but when he wanted Gummy Bears, I handed them over! He's happily eating them right now. PS I will not be buying that sandwich cutter...