Monday, January 10, 2011

•"So are we ready?" "No!"•

One morning at work, I found a manila envelope in my inbox. "To Julie and Debbie," it said. It was a series of thank-you notes and drawings from a third grade classroom we visited in November. Since they did such a good job of drawing me (the glasses, the green kerchief, the enthusiasm)... I forgive them for getting my name wrong.

It's pretty hard to find fault with something a kid specifically hand-made for you.



  1. Oh Debbie, I'd know you anywhere! It's definitely the enthusiasm. (This is priceless.)

  2. Hello! I'm enjoying your stones, and loving the blog, especially its fab name. I think my kids would describe me as a half-assed mama myself!

    Sam x

  3. Thanks, Sam! So glad to have another hamama among us. :) xox