Tuesday, January 4, 2011

•reuse, recoup, regroup•

I've been thinking about convenience, lately. Is there a time when convenience doesn't amount to waste-in-the-long-run? It's so easy to waste. To bundle things in plastic bags and bustle them out to the curb on trash day. So easy to destroy. The challenge of repurposing the fabric of our lives is absolutely staggering. Monumental. Probably the greatest hurdle humankind will ever face. At least it feels that way to me, today, staring at bits of tissue paper and ribbon from Christmases past. I am chewing on that word, repurpose. Yes, we can repurpose our emotions. Our visceral reactions. Our prejudices and judgements. Everything has a purpose, mise en place, and what is the work of forgiveness if not a clear repurposing of energy?

Reuse a ribbon. Reconfigure hatred. Reclaim harmony. xox

p.s. Today's post brought to you by this idea: http://tinyurl.com/stoneriver


  1. Hey, this: "...what is the work of forgiveness, if not a clear repurposing of energy?" is so great. Really great. xo

  2. Repurposing emotions, reactions... what a powerful little arrow of thought! I have some from the past few days prime for repurposing!