Saturday, January 29, 2011

•pretty much everything•

Perfect. (Comma, the need to be.) Is it learned? On the way home from Berkeley, we started talking about how hard it is to work against the crushing need to be perfect. Here at Half Assed Mama, we've been struggling with that for most of our adult lives. It's a good fight. Perfection is alluring... and also a complete and utter illusion. (Read: waste of time.) For me, at least, one way out from under the spell is to fully embrace the opposite. Dot com.

My game plan? Celebrate flaws. Half-ass it, as a rule. You would think it'd get old, but honestly-- the more I relax my standards, the more attainable "perfect" becomes. What is perfection, anyway, but a decision we make? I'm looking around at a sea of wholes. A life, with all its ridges and creases. Some friends and I have a corny way of nudging this along. "Choose life," we say, and laugh. It works. xox


  1. Ridges and creases--embrace them both. Love this part: "What is perfection anyway, but a decision we make?" Ezackly. (Love you so much, my perfectly imperfect/imperfectly perfect friend.)

  2. Lowering my standards or self-loathing; it's a pretty easy decision sometimes.

  3. I'm loving the sound of relaxing your standards! I like to think I'm gloriously imperfect :)