Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hot cocoa, cold. Crumbs for tomorrow's vacuum.
I have a pink and white sewing machine, somewhere

out there. I dreamed the repair shop fixed the part,
picked up the bobbin thread. I woke to my friend's

second pregnancy: a whole new reason
for projects. Fresh crumbs, new cocoa.



  1. Lovely. You know what? The friend I'm currently visiting has the precise same sewing machine. Exactly. AND IT WAS FREE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! You're destined to be friends. ;-)

  2. That's beautiful Lis... I like the bit about "crumbs for tomorrow's vacuum". that's like my house... although 'tomorrow' might not mean 'tomorrow' for slatterns like myself!

  3. I have a pink and white sewing machine too! I love the line - 'I woke to my friend's second pregnancy.'

  4. really nice to encounter you and your words. i'll be back for more fixes.