Sunday, January 1, 2012

•might as well•

The phrase "might as well be" is on the block.  What a funny group of words.  To mean nearly.  Not, but almost.  I peer closer.  I prod with my knife's tip.  This might as well be champagne.  There might as well be stars encircling my head.  She might as well be a ghost.  I'm not in an eviscerating mood, but if I do a small dice, I get "might" and "as well."  A further mincing makes ownership-- "my" from "might."  I like to take things for my own.  The size of the cut does matter; tone changes taste.  Well.  Let's pair these words, then, with a thick slice of choice.  Flip!  Sizzle, sizzle.  What might as well be, now, is.  This, first day of 2012, is perfect.  
(Tahoe National Forest, December 30.  Might as well have been January.)


  1. might as well... love it, thanks for the smile ;^) peace...

  2. might as well take a gander at my piece...i sure like yours... The strategy was brilliant. May your stone spread ripples through the forest, it might as well. :)
    stone 1

  3. And now I have the Robert Palmer song stuck in my head!

  4. Love the mist of possibility behind him. It might as well be spring here in Breckenridge, CO - we need snow!