Monday, January 16, 2012

American Scone*

This scone is pale to the point of being only par-baked, pasty in texture and flavor, bloated, sickly sweet. It's a chocolate chip scone, but all through it are fibrous bits of...what, exactly?

*Years ago, an Australian friend and I were in the train station in Philadelphia, and we stopped for coffee at a stall. Somehow, the subject of the scones at the stall came up--possibly the barista asked if we wanted one with our coffee? Anyway, my friend sniffed disdainfully, and I believe her lip may actually have curled as she spat out, "American scones."

In defense of Americans, most of our scones are nowhere close to as bad as the one described above, and some of us even know how to make actual, real, proper cream scones from scratch. With no chocolate chips, even. Because some of us suspect that putting chocolate chips in a scone is kind of along the lines of putting blueberries in a bagel. You can do it, sure, but then you're no longer dealing with a serious scone/bagel.


  1. Oh, yes. Chocolate chip scone most definitely equals blueberry bagel. I am not a fan of sultanas, so I put little bits of peel in mine - I have been assured that this is acceptable.

  2. Oh, Honey. In your innocence you have hit upon (I think) the next big item for everyone to *adore*. How about developing a butterscotch or, perhaps, peppermint scone-bagel and making it gluten-free and charging too much for it? Waddaya think? Something for Everyone! Now... what shape should it be?