Saturday, January 14, 2012

Full Stop

The way things build up around you when you're sick: bottles of pills, of herbs, of juice, of sparkling water. Piles of used tissue. Mugs of once hot tea. Sheets and blankets you're too tired to change, and mostly want to burn once your fever has broken in a clammy sweat.

(Note for the concerned [well, hi there Mom!]: I did actually manage to change the sheets today. And shower. And take out the garbage. It was a big day.)


  1. Here's hoping you are better soon. Big hugs.

  2. Dear Amy,
    Hope you're feeling much better soon! Keep resting whenever you need to...
    Love and good wishes ~

  3. Thank you for the hidden message. You sound like a young woman on the, yay! Will I ever get over wanting to care for my chickens when they are not well? Guess not. Glad you're feeling better, Baby. (Hidden message: call me).
    A's M.

  4. Ohh, this is such a familiar image and generates the most icky feelings... in a good way. :-) Wonderful writing!

    And..... because of this, next time a friend is sick, I will offer to change the sheets. Your'e right: That is so essential. :)

    Glad you're improved!