Monday, March 28, 2011


"Luke. I am your--nom nom nom..."
Vader guided me through my first batch of homemade granola. (Oh, fine, it was actually Amy.) Pecans, flax, honey, almond extract--no recipe required.

My DCoB.

Homemade feta. Not much to it, really. Especially when your job is to assist a cheese class instructor, and she gives you curd to drain, chop and salt at home. Easy peesy, lemon squeezy.

Eight thinly-sliced onions...

...for which I donned these swimming goggles. No tears and no pain! A major game-changer. (Take that, Williams-Sonoma.)

The lamb bone, pre-roasting. Made all the difference in the French Onion Soup. I kind of wanted to snuggle with it, when all was said and done.


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  1. This post is...hilarious, charming, lovely. All at the same time. So you. And I'd complain about that picture of myself, but, well...there's that picture of *you*. After that, there's really not much to say, is there? ;-)