Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Rules EVER

If you are a person who has any connection to or concern for creative community of any variety, at any level, you must hurry over to read this post from my lovely new online friend, Johanna Harness. Johanna is responsible for a quite well regarded Twitter community for writers. I don't tweet myself, so I don't fully understand how it works (perhaps I'll get the toddler to explain it to me...), but you need know nothing at all about Twitter to appreciate Johanna's rules. Frankly, they're rules for life--you don't even need to be particularly concerned with creative community.

I met Johanna through the self portrait classes over the last two months, and I admire her on many levels. But even if you have no other familiarity with her, I can almost guarantee that if you're a regular reader here at Half-Assed Mama (i.e., one of our people), you'll want to get to know her better once you read this post of hers.


  1. "Hug the kids. Write the novel. Eat with friends. Pour the wine."

    Love it.
    Thanks, Amy.

  2. Really interesting post, and yes, rules for life. Thanks for posting this Amy, I do 'tweet'. have been following #am writing (or 'not writing' in my case) but had no idea one single person had started it!

    Love the look of your new workspace too... xx