Tuesday, March 1, 2011

goodbye, little

OFFER: stylish IKEA potty, light-blue.
Just like this one: http://www.ikea.....
only light blue!
Worked like a charm (and still does) with our potty-learnin' toddler. He just
got so big so fast, and we got a sweet "new" one from another Freecycler! This
is a great starter potty, since it is eensy weensy and low to the ground.
Clean, from a smoke-free home in West Davis.

< sniff >

He used to say "Do it, self!"
And now he is too big for his blue potty.
We shall see what The Little has to say about his commode upgrade (on left). Stay tuned. xox


  1. It's funny that of all the things from my youth that my parents kept (and it was a lot) the kiddie potty was not among them. Wonder why.

  2. Huh. You know you're a little's half-assed auntie when his toilet upgrade makes *you* a little misty eyed.

    Did I tell you about how he took me to the bathroom the other night to help him with the process, and then he shut the door, saying, "So we can have privacy. There's something I want to talk to you about." I about burst, it was so cute and funny. "Something I want to talk to you about" basically turned out to equal discussing all the animals on his pajama bottoms. Awesome.

  3. I like that new toilet. So big-toilet like. If no one really needs the little one, I have been looking for a second potty to keep at Ina's so N can keep practicing when there. But please give anyone without a single potty priority! Look forward to hopefully seeing you soon.

  4. He has accepted the new potty! And agreed to give the old one to a smaller person! (His cousin Simon was Penn's first suggestion, but I think the shipping is prohibitive...)

    Me: Penn, what do you think of this new potty?
    Penn: Good.

    It's kinda like a caveman grunt, but I'll take it... xox

  5. Andrea-- it's yours! When can I get it to Ina's? xox

  6. J uses a potty just like the big one. And then it becomes a step stool for hand washing - just the base. Wonderful!