Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing with Texture

Layering photos on photos (Swan Dive assignment of the week):

Spiderweb texture (old, dusty spiderweb that was
filled with
cool bits of dried flowers and dead things)

This texture is a small bit of a beautiful painting my
friend Kathryn made for my birthday one year. This
doesn't show off the painting in any way, of course--
it's a gorgeous fall tree in many shades of orange--
but it sure did provide good color and texture
to layer on a photo.

A section of wrinkled bed sheet

Another self portrait

My fave: This texture is actually a photograph of rust.


  1. From the proofreading Pooka, this:

    Yes to Katherine's painting overlay and yes to the rust at the DAVIS (spelling corrected) Food Co Op.

  2. Thanks for that MOM! ;-) Duly to edit it.

  3. You could call it a day at "rust." But it *is* delightfully romantic, no matter the source... xox

  4. Oh, okay--have it your way! ;-) I happen to like knowing the details, but I'll change it to protect the reputation of the vents...