Tuesday, February 22, 2011

•friend crush•

"Mommy, what's that in your mouth?"
(Read: chocolate, muenster cheese, or wine.)
I don't like lying to my kid, but I'm not above it. Especially when he's liable to take said mouthful by force, if I admit to it.

My husband recently admitted something along the lines of chocolate/muenster cheese/wine to me, whilst talking about an acquaintance. (I'll call him Paul.) "Paul," quoth my husband. "Who I secretly want to be my friend..." I fairly whooped. A chink in my husband's armor? Could it be... he *likes* someone? I took this and ran. My husband--a real person, as it turns out--has friend-crushes, too! A friend-crush is when you really like someone (in a completely platonic way) but in a waaaaaay beyond-the-playground kinda way: You want to get to know them. Their history. Their favorite movies. Their... hair products.

I've rocked some successful friend-crushes in the past. Estelle, the breezy Brit from Brussels, with her screaming 3-month-old and her lust for liquor. Jen, my classmate from Childbirth Ed., with her unbelievable curls, poise, and verbal smack-downs. The three of us, as it turns out, were fast friends, pioneering a 'mom's night out' for our stroller derby and kvetching about all things sleep deficit.

Friend-crushes. What could be more fun and delightful? My relationship with a certain Co-Blogger started in this very way (in the dairy aisle of the Co-op, no less), and spiraled into random offerings of pumpkin bread and Sunday night writer's group, back-scratching, tea drop-ins, and beyond. We should all be so lucky. Maybe we are.

I raise my glass to "Paul" and to my husband, and to my dear Jen and Estelle, and to the many shockingly beautiful friends I have (and have yet to make). What a wonderful world we live in, if only we choose to pursue it. xox


  1. I ADORE you. This is the best post ever. "Their...hair products." Hah! (And wow. You had no idea what you were asking for with me and the hair products, did you?) Mwwwaaaah to you, my beyond-the-playground friend. (And is that a glass of "broccoli" you're raising?)

  2. Mmm... broccoli champagne cocktail! :) Love you too, lemon juice girl. xox

  3. I adore you more! A few tears thinking about it all. xxx

  4. Also, can't figure out why the comment is Estelle and Peter...but that is cool too. More kisses!

  5. Me, too! I adore you, too :) And Estelle even continued to hang out with us after shamelessly admitting our Brits obsession! I love you, my lovely friends.

    I think I may need to know about Amy and her hair products, too, with her gorgeous curls!

  6. By the way, that's really rather an extraordinarily lovely picture of the Bean. xo

  7. This is a fabulous post, Lis. Totally rejuvenating of my little inner spark of hope after too much online reading about natural disasters and nuclear reactors. --Julia