Wednesday, October 27, 2010


On the left, we have the jug from which the apple cider came. It was full to the brim when I started my journey to reduce it to apple cider syrup. On the right, the finished "syrup." It went a little longer than it should have.

Sharp-eyed observers will note that the jar on the right is upside down. It's been that way for a good 24 hours now--I just wanted to see if the substance inside would move. The answer Not at all. It has not budged.

Now, in my defense, this stuff actually tastes pretty good (like spiced apple caramel or taffy). If you can scrape it out of the jar. I suppose I could set it in a pan of hot water to melt it a little, and then reconstitute it a bit by adding water or apple juice to it.

But that sounds like so much work. I think I'd rather ship it to Lis's brother and sister-in-law in Schenectady, so it can live at the back of their fridge and commune with the apple spackle Lis made while she was there. You don't think they'd mind, do you?


  1. I'm going to call it: 2010 is the Year Of Uncommonly Hard Apple Foodstuffs! Take *that*, candy apples.

    Ahem. 2011 may be the Year Of Expensive Dental Work. xox

  2. You know, we could actually MAKE candy apples with this substance I've created. Like, if I'd dipped apples into it when it was warm and vaguely viscous, a candy apple is precisely what I'd have wound up with. But you know what? I *loathe* candy apples. And this stuff I (weirdly) kind of like...