Wednesday, October 20, 2010

•no more monkeys jumping on the bed•

"I don't like monkeys," Penn says. "OK," I say. We are in bed, and he has woken up sad from a dream in which he didn't get to stay very long at His Beloved Preschool. "They get angry," he concludes. "Come here, KooKuh. You want me to cuddle you?" There follows some fussiness about how exactly KooKuh would like to be cuddled. With my arm creating a rainbow above his body, apparently. Not super comfortable at 2:30 in the morning.

No monkeys for Penn. This came up a couple weeks back, and the breaking news immediately made the rounds on Facebook. "Tomorrow, when the sun comes up, I hope that there is a farm with no monkeys outside," quoth Penn, and suddenly my boss was inquiring after his mental health.

He is entitled to be wary of monkeys. We all have our faves and naves. I like lemurs, for example; not so much, chimps. I'm not exactly a fan of the zoo or the circus, as a general whole, but perhaps that is because I abhor clowns. I thought that was pretty much a universal truth, but not so. Witness this gift to Penn from a well-meaning admirer:



  1. How sweet. Yes, we are all entitled to our faves and naves.

    Tomorrow, when the sun comes up, I hope that there is a farm with no clowns outside.

  2. And that farm shall be called Impossible Acres, and it shall have baby goats. And we will go to the goats, and cuddle with them. And it will be good.

    (Started off right, and ended up in the wrong place entirely...) xox

  3. Baby goats! Baby goats are always right. (Of course, I kind of like monkeys too. And I feel entirely neutral on the subject of clowns. But I'm definitely pro-lemur, and pro-baby goat.)

  4. Neutral. NEUTRAL? Friend, have you never read "IT" by Stephen King? (Of course you haven't...) xox