Thursday, November 1, 2012

•every so often•

I think, I'm doing it. The sun breaks through the clouds, the pavement shines with promise. It's a good feeling. xox
Penn's "habitat."

"Can I sleep in my habitat?"


  1. I check here every so often to see if the HAMAMAs are *on the job* but I guess we haven't heard much because you are both on *a* job and blogs take time. Just want you to know that we're still tuning in to hear from you. So, thanks....and BTW, Penn looks huge. 8)
    See you in December?
    A's M.

  2. Don't worry, Penn does not look huge. He looks tiny.

    And, fort with interior lights. wow.

  3. And that last comment was not meant to be contrary (to the previous poster). Only to reassure you that Penn has not grown up AT ALL, not one bit, just in case you have any concerns that he may be growing too fast.

  4. Thnx, Andrea! But man, a scan through last year's Xmas photos just now... confirms my fear that he is, in fact, a man. xox