Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Self portraits taken today for Rewriting the Story. The assignment was to play with blur and focus--blurring things that might normally be your focus, focusing on things that wouldn't. I was a little stumped about how to control the focus while using a remote (which automatically focuses the camera). I could have set the focus manually and then set the self timer, but really--ten seconds to clamber around too many branches or climb past brambles to perch on a fallen tree? In a delicate, filmy dress? Yeah, not happening. So I messed around with making things "blurry" in one way or another during editing.

The blur interests me on levels I have no energy to delve into right now. I've been sick the past couple of days, and I have other posts stewing in my brain, but I can't write those now either. (It's amazing I managed to get any photos done.) But sometimes, I just like to come here and check in. Or reach out. Make a mark somehow.


  1. God dawg, woman. Must you constantly re-define "gorgeousness"? With your very self? (And yes, you must. You MUST!) xox

  2. These are great images. I sometimes think that with portraits, sharp focus detracts from the overall feeling of a person. I accidently too some self portraits that were blurred because the camera focused on a stem of grass in the foreground, and I actually liked the was they felt. I particularly like the backlit look.

  3. Wow! Amy! You have to reach out more often. Today blurring makes it clear to me who you are. Lovely!